Here we go again…

In what has become an annual ritual, once again we’re back in China with a group of Benedictine students. Actually, this year we have two groups at our host and partner institution, Shenyang University of Architecture 沈阳建筑大学 (and three total in China this summer counting Dr. Joel Ostrow’s Model UN delegation, which traveled to Beijing and Xi’an).

The China Pollination Project is continuing research on pollinator diversity in China, which began last year thanks to support from the Freeman Foundation and ASIANetwork. Shenyang University of Architecture invited us back this summer and is paying for room, board, and local sightseeing for all our students. This year’s CPP team includes: Amy Klingbiel, Ann Pendergast, Katie Vittal, Rachel Warren, Annie White, and Jermeen El-Zabet. More about the Benedictine University Pollination Project, including student blogs, can be found here. We have support to continue the project summer 2016 thanks to a Benedictine University internal grant and continued support from Shenyang University of Architecture. More information forthcoming later this summer on the project site. Please let Dr. Cheryl Heinz know of any prospective students for the program. Early fall, students can apply online through the project website.

A second group of students as well as the CPP team are learning about Chinese language and culture through special summer courses offered by Shenyang University of Architecture, whose Office of International Education created the program exclusively for our students. Jade Beadle, Ashley Dvorak, Jake Kennedy, Faryal Mushtaq, and Felipe Rangel III (as well as CPP member Jermeen) traveled with me through Hong Kong and Beijing en route to Shenyang. With continued support from Shenyang University of Architecture, we also plan to continue the short-term classes here summer 2016. Please spread the word.

With Cheryl’s parting post last year, it seems that we have come full circle on this blog; picking up where we left off, charting familiar waters yet making many new discoveries, which we hope to share with you here along the way.


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