My Lai


The serious part of my day- visited what the Vietnamese call Son My (Sone mee) you call it My Lai.  It is one thing to teach about this supreme act of barbarity, and yes there was barbarity on both sides like the massacre in Hue.  Nonetheless, the horror, the brutality the rage and hate makes two things clear: 1) war crimes must be prosecuted- period- wherever and whenever they occur no matter who the perpetrators are; 2) We must pray and work toward a world defined by the pursuit of peace, not war; a world defined by brotherhood not enmity; a world of beloved community not hateful alienation. We need to make a world where we seek resolution to conflict by abiding by national and international law, not where we seek corporate profit by waging illegal, immoral, unethical wars.
The sad truth is we have said “never again” since the holocaust and yet 504 names are on this wall. Unarmed men, women and children who were murdered in a war crime in just over 4 hours



Above a picture of one of the ruins in the hamlet. Several of the original hamlet sights have been preserved along with two of the bomb shelters families used to escape shelling by the US

Above the irrigation ditch in which over 100 people were lined up and shot

Above is Kieru, our tour guide at the site. Her mother as a 15 year old girl was one of only a handful of survivors. The rest of her family- mother, father and two sisters and a brother were all killed that day, March 16, 1968.
Below, I have chosen to only post one photograph taken by Ron Haeberle who happened to be with Charlie Company that day. Most of the film he took was confiscated by the Army, but two rolls of film were not found by the Army. When the tragedy was not publicized, he sold some of the pictures to Life magazine which have become iconic. Below is just one of the photos that were not seen by Life magazine, but all of which are at the museum.



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