Today we stopped at the Snake Village.  These are the experts in snake in Vietnam. If you get a snake in your home, these are the folk you call.  The basis of the village and a part of the ethnographic history of Vietnam is that the killing of snakes served various spiritual and medicinal purposes.  It was believed that when the snake was killed, the drinking of the blood mixed with rice wine would boost a man’s virility.   If you ate the still beating heart when the snake was killed and gutted, you were endowed with special spiritual power that manifested in wisdom and even greater virility.

ImageHere the woman is defanging a cobra- that’s right – cobra- and by the way the store front is the front of her home, she keeps and kills the snakes right here in the kitchen, and does the cooking right outside the upstairs room where guests eat.


The snake is gutted, its blood drained into a bottle with vodka (note the Soviet influence- not rice wine) and the heart is removed.

Let’s eat!!!


Snake spring rolls


Grilled snake in vegetable leaf


grilled snake bone and cracker- you just put the snake bone on the cracker and eat!!


And if you want the traditional cobra rice wine instead of a little blue pill, just take a swig of this






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