Craft Villages


Vietnam has more than 1,000 craft villages.  These areas specialize in one artisan craft and then specialties within the craft.  Today we visited two of these villages, one that specialized in wood furnishings for home and Pagodas etc.  and the silk village.  The wood furnishings village Son Dong, supplies most of the handcrafted teak and rosewood temple carvings.   In fact, we found one shop that specializes just in chairs, and guess what- they made the chairs in our hotel.

Also today in Son Dong, I was able to meet and speak briefly with one of the artisans.  He carves only large Confucian and Mandarin pieces that are found in temples in the North, which, when you get out of Hanoi, you find a much stronger Chinese presence in the temples (more on that in another post).


In the silk village, you can still find shops that employ families hand weaving silk in the back room and selling in the front shop. 





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