A Poem to China

I am having such a great experience with my colleagues here in China, that poetry has come back to me these days. Poetry comes from the heart and the language that my heart speaks is Spanish, English is more a language of the mind and business, so pardon my ‘French’, but I still think that most of you can still pick some pieces of it. This is my 111 poem, I think. I will be publishing all very soon. This one is very simple, a description of China, my first impression of this exciting country and its possibilities.


Exótica, mágica, emocionante,
moderna, vieja, sucia y descuidada,
ordenada, limpia y hasta arrogante,
ruidosa y del progreso obsesionada.

Tan joven, de dinámica impactante,
serena, tranquila, bien legislada,
apasionada, mas fría y distante,
legendaria, vulgar, sofisticada.

Tan diferente, bella e inquietante,
caótica, humilde, confiada,
abierta, respetuosa y amable,
elegante, atractiva, bien amada.

Sorprendente, tímida, tolerante,
convulsa, pacífica, amigable,
dolorosa, injusta y penetrante,
eterna, histórica, incomparable.

Un antiguo y triste dragón de jade:
así es China, país del contraste.

Joaquín Montero
Dalian, China

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2 Responses to “A Poem to China”

  1. 1 Martin Tracey
    May 27, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    “País del contraste” indeed! As I read your wonderful poem, among other things I wondered what you had in mind by “bien legislada” …

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